EffervescentTablet or Granule and Soluble Granule formulations are dissolved in water at the time of administration to produce a drinkable solution or suspension depending on solubility of active ingredients. As the active ingredients are dissolved in a solution they are ready for rapid absorption in the gastrointestinal system resulting in a fastest on set of action, beneficial in treating acute symptoms such as pain for example. Our Effervescent & Soluble Standard Product List contains many formulations benchmarked against leading brands as well as numerous innovative formulations not widely available in effervescent or soluble form. The list includes numerous formulations including vitamins, herbals, OTC and Rx products including:

• Vitamin C + Zinc

• Vitamin B ‐ Complex + Vitamin C + Minerals

• Multivitamins + Minerals

• Oral Rehydration Solution

• Calcium + Vitamin D3

• Paracetamol

• Ibuprofen

• and many more

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