Liquids & Syrups

• Private Label Herbal Cough & Cold products Ready-To-Market in Your Brand

• Products successfully marketed in Europe in Pharmacy, Mass and Speciality Channels

• Made in Germany in Pharmaceutical cGMP TGA-approved facility

AWS Medical offers a range of Herbal Cough & Cold products Ready-To-Market in Your Brand. A strong focus on R&D offer our customers:

* New and innovative products within the Cough & Cold category.
* The highest standards in phyto-pharmaceuticals (plant-based medicines) in terms of extraction, standardisation and release of actives.
* Scientific studies focusing on safety and efficacy of available products.


The herbal products are based on the active ingredients Ivy Leaf Extract, Thyme Thick Extract and Iceland Moss – well documented as herbal expectorants and cough suppressants, and well tolerated by children and adults. All products in this category are alcohol-free, sugar-free and contain no artificial colouring.
Each of these ingredients is incorporated into liquid dosage forms including:

* Cough syrups
* Tincture drops


Packaging Options

* Bottles
* Bulk