Lozenges & Soft Chews

• Vitamin, herbal and OTC lozenges Ready-To-Market in Your Brand

• Product development service to bring your idea to market

• Made in Switzerland in Pharmaceutical cGMP TGA-certified facility

AWS Medical offers our customer the very best in lozenge and soft chew products and manufacturing.

Lozenges are hardboiled and can be manufactured with or without sugar. Lozenges can be manufactured with or without a liquid centre filling. Centre-filled lozenges, in which the centre-fill can be ingredients such as honey or menthol, are popular for sore throat products for example.

Soft chews are chewable gum-arabic based products which can also be manufactured with or without sugar. The relatively high mass of each dose compared to other dosage forms allows for higher levels of active ingredients. Soft chews can be easily customised using different flavours and are particularly popular with children and seniors.

AWS Medical’s range of vitamin, herbal and OTC lozenge and soft chew products includes formulations developed for:

* Cough & Cold
* Sore Throat
* Digestive Health
* Muscle, Bone & Joint Health
* Cardiovascular Health
* Energy
* Other conditions

All products can be customised to suit the individual needs of our customers in terms of:

* Formulations
* Shapes
* Flavours
* Packaging

Packaging Options

* Blisters
* Bags
* Boxes
* Bulk

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