Probiotic Supplements

• A range of probiotic supplements Ready-To-Market in Your Brand

•Science-based solutions with proven market potential

✓ Proven probiotic strains

✓ Right amount when consumed

✓ Right amount when delivered

• Stable for 2 years at room temperature

• Made in Europe in cGMP TGA-approved factory

AWS Medical offers a comprehensive range of Ready-To-Market non-refrigerated probiotic products based on innovative formulations and dosage forms. Manufactured under cGMP TGA-certified conditions to the highest quality standards, AWS Medical’s probiotic solutions offer existing and new brands turn-key solutions for their new or existing probiotic range.


Our probiotic products are available in various dosage forms:

* Powders – suitable for infants and toddlers
* Chewable tablets – suitable for children
* Capsules – suitable for adults


In addition, our existing probiotic range contains products formulated for:

* Digestive Health
* Immune Health
* Women’s Health
* Oral Health


Our probiotic partner has a cutting edge “probiotic technology centre” in which scientists and product development teams drive innovation efforts including:

* Research into how probiotics can positively impact new health areas
* New dosage forms and innovations to existing dosage forms
* Improvements to product stability
* Improvements to delivery of probiotics to target areas within the body


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