Tablets & Capsules

• Vitamin, Herbal and OTC Pharmaceutical products

• Product Development

• Contract Manufacturing

• All products Made in Australia and Europe in cGMP TGA-approved facilities

In addition to our expanding range of specialised dosage forms, AWS Medical also supplies tablets and capsules manufactured in Australia and Europe.


Two-piece gelatin capsules (also known as “hard shell capsules”) are a common oral dosage form typically filled with powders or pellets containing the active ingredients. Capsules are available in numerous sizes to accommodate different levels of ingredients. Capsules can be customised by colour and branding. Capsules can also have additional finishing such as enteric coating to suit the needs of particular formulations.

Several gelatin sources can be used including:

* Bovine (cow)
* Porcine (pig)
* Piscine (fish)
* Organic / Vege (vegan)



Tablets are a common oral dosage form available in several different forms including:

* Film-coated tablets
* Enteric-coated tablets
* Sustained-release tablets
* Chewable tablets, available in many flavours


Packaging Options

* Bottles
* Blisters
* Bulk