Product Development

• Partner with us for New Product Development: from concept to shelf

• Product innovation – existing products in new dosage forms, new packaging

• Product lifecycle extension – revitalise your portfolio – existing and new products

• Brand Protection – innovate ahead of competitors

• Made in Pharmaceutical cGMP TGA-approved facilities

In addition to our ever-expanding range of Ready-To-Market products, AWS Medical can also take your new product idea from concept to launch. A typical Product Development Roadmap looks something like this:

* Formulation Development
* Choice of innovative dosage forms
* Raw Material Selection
* Pilot Batch Production
* Stability Testing
* Dossier Development
* Packaging Options & Design
* Artwork
* Freight and Logistics
* Marketing and Product Launch


AWS Medical has access to a compelling range of dosage forms which can assist to provide your brand and products with that all-important innovative competitive edge in highly competitive markets. Dosage form is also important to consumer preference, acceptance and compliance, and allows for innovative and attractive packaging presentation.


AWS Medical – your single-point-of-contact source for a wide array of innovative and effective Private Label products and dosage forms.