Product Support Services

• Expert product support throughout the product lifecycle

• Regulatory Support – end-to-end, including all documentation

• Analytics and Stability Testing

• Freight and Logistics

• Marketing Support

Regulatory Support

AWS Medical has extensive experience supporting customers with regulatory support in numerous countries including Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, The Philippines and Vietnam. Our regulatory support service provides our customers with all the required documentation to register their product with the relevant authority including:

* Master Formulations
* Finished Product & Ingredient Specifications
* Batch Manufacturing Formula
* Certificate of Analysis
* Stability Reports
* Process Validation
* Analytical Method Validation
* Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product
* GMP Clearance


Analytics and Stability Testing

AWS Medical can manage your Analytic and Stability Testing requirements including:
* Stability Testing – Accelerated and Real Time according to ICH Guidelines
* Ingredient Assay Testing
* Heavy Metals Testing
* Custom Analytic Requirements


Freight and Logistics

AWS Medical provides our customers with a hassle-free DDU freight service whereby we take responsibility for timely and safe transportation of goods to our Customer’s warehouse or designated delivery point. To ensure product integrity and stability our products are transported from Europe via Sea Freight in climate-controlled shipping containers. We also handle Air Freight typically for small number of pallets or part-shipment of urgent orders. Alternatively, we can supply product on an FOB or CIF basis. Our Freight and Logistics service includes:

* Coordinating Sea or Air Freight from factory to Port or Airport
* Customs and Quarantine clearance
* Local delivery to our customer’s warehouse or nominated destination
* Freight Insurance from factory to the final destination
* Warehousing part orders for split deliveries


Marketing Support

AWS Medical offers comprehensive Marketing Support services for your new and current brand and product portfolios. Our range of Marketing Support services include:

* Brand and Logo Design
* Packaging and Point-of-Sale Concept, Design and Production
* Product Launch
* Product Brochure Design and Production
* Website and Video Production
* Marketing Strategy


Perhaps more than any single element of our Product Support Services, it is the dedication, professionalism and customer focus of our team which ensure that AWS Medical customers receive outstanding service and support when choosing to do business with us.


By choosing AWS Medical you can trust us to deliver high quality products which are manufactured to full cGMP in TGA-approved facilities, meet best practice Quality Assurance and Regulatory Standards and are in full compliance with all requirements.